Do You Remember These Dolls?


Do You Remember These Dolls?

Remember the good ol' days when you would play with your toys for hours? Or if you weren't playing with your dolls, you were biking, skipping, drawing...all those things kids today seem to have forgotten.

And while Barbie dolls and Cabbage Patch Kids still prove successful in the present time, there's one doll that a lot of people seem to forget about from the '70s.

Maybe you'll remember her? She had long, auburn hair with an orange jumper to match. She was the definition of high-fashion. Do you remember her name?

Memory Lane

That's right, Crissy Dolls! the beautiful dolls with the beautiful hair. IT GREW RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES!!!

That was the biggest selling point of the Crissy doll. You weren't confined to one hair style. One push of a button and it grew in front of you. Want a shorter style? Put away those scissors. All you had to do was crank a wheel and it would retreat.


Did you have one of these dolls? Maybe you'll remember the TV ad!

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