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6 Symptoms Of Frostbite Doctors Warn Parents To Look Out For

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As the temperature drops parents always fret about their children's safety, but there's a good reason to be more concerned this year.

The east coast was just hit by a "bombogenesis," or massive low pressure area which could continue to bring snow and hurricane-force winds to parts of the Northeast this week. The country has already been feeling the chill this season, with freezing cold temperatures and snow as far south as Florida.

But despite the frightful weather conditions, parents tend to overlook the risk of frostbite. We imagine it's something you catch while climbing Mount Everest, not walking to school. But in fact that isn't true.

As the National Weather Service demonstrates in their wind chill chart, at temperatures of -5 degrees with winds gusting at 15 mph, it feels like -26 degrees outside, and takes just half an hour to get frostbite.

It's all fun and games until someone catches frostbite.DNA Info

With temperatures of -15 degrees and sharp 20 mph winds, it takes only 10 minutes to catch frostbite. And children are more vulnerable than adults because their skin loses heat faster.

Make no mistake, frostbite - and mild cases called "frostnip" - do happen, so parents should learn the signs of this condition and how to treat it.

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