Eva Longoria Finally Shows Off Her Son's Face In His First Magazine Cover

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Eva Longoria Finally Shows Off Her Son's Face In His First Magazine Cover

Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria recently became a mom when she and her husband, José "Pepe" Bastón, welcomed their first child together a little over a month ago.

The 43-year-old actress has been a stepmother to her husband's three children from his previous marriage, but she always wanted to have a child of her own.

"They've been such a gift in my life," Longoria said of her step-children, Natalia, 22, and twins Mariana & Jose, 14, before adding that a baby would be "icing on the cake."

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In December 2017, she confirmed her pregnancy and the gender of the baby to People. Longoria has since updated her fans on her journey to motherhood, and shared her thoughts and feelings about having a boy.

"I'm so excited that I'm having a boy because I think the world needs more good men," the L'Oreal spokesperson wrote on Instagram. "This boy, my son, will be surrounded by very strong, educated, powerful women and I think it's important that he sees those types of role models in his life so he knows how to support it, how to applaud it and how to honor it," she added.

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Finally, on June 19, Longoria and Bastón started a new chapter of their lives with their "beautiful blessing," a son named Santiago Enrique.

The new mom gave us a glimpse of her bundle of joy the following day when Hola! USA published an exclusive photo of the mother-son duo.

The proud mom has since been teasing us with a few photos of baby Santiogo but none of them showed his face.

It's not uncommon for celebrity moms to hide their kids from social media, so many assumed that's what Longoria was doing.

Turns out, she was saving the big reveal for the six-week-old's first magazine cover!

Longoria officially introduced her son to the world while they both appeared on the cover of the August issue of Hola USA!

"Here he is!," she wrote in the caption of the Instagram post. "Santiago Enrique Baston is waving hello at the whole world! Couldn't wait to share this picture with y'all!"

In the spread, the Latina star opens up about being a mother, how they chose Santiago's name, and the ways in which the family is adjusting to having a new member.

"It's magical. I feel like I've known him my whole life," she said in the interview, which took place at her Los Angeles home.

The early days of motherhood have been going well for Longoria, who was once worried about becoming a mother after 40. She has been vacationing at a tropical destination, enjoying time away from the hustle and bustle of California and spending quality time with her family.

It's nice to finally see a full photo of baby Santiago. He is beyond adorable!

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