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6 Things Your Zodiac Sign Can Tell You About your Life

The stars are full of mysteries, but they also have more than a few answers - if you're asking the right questions...

What Kind Of Dog You Are

We all know that dogs are pretty much the purest souls on the planets.

Each breed has its particular quirks and characteristics that make it the special little creature we know and love. Just like people, pups have their own funny little traits.

Although we're all individuals, just like the zodiac - each breed has a particular set of qualities that makes it identifiable from the rest. If you were a pup instead of a person, what does your zodiac predict you would be?

Aquarius: West Highland Terrier

Social to the core, the Westie doesn't sit around waiting for things to happen. Like the Aquarius, they are playful, outgoing and always up for a game. They're very intelligent and curious dogs with a strong streak of fearlessness that is respected by other dogs big and small.

Pisces: Pug

Distinguished, yet dorky. Like the Pisces, these pups are capable of being sturdy and stable while being perfectly playful and clownish.  

Aries: German Shepherd

Just like the Aries, these pups get into trouble if they're bored or inactive for too long. They desperately need exercise to stimulate their bodies and their minds!

Taurus: St. Bernard

Sociable and loving, these pups are calm, patient and gentle - just like the Taurus. Also like their zodiac namesake, they can be petulant and stubborn when they don't get what they want!

Gemini: Weimaraner

Like the busy Gemini mind, these high energy, highly intelligent dogs can become quite hyperactive and destructive if there's nothing to occupy their minds!

Cancer: Labrador Retriever

Similar to those born under the sign of Cancer, these sweet dogs are warm, intelligent cuddle monsters. They are playful, energetic and love to please.

Leo: Pit Bull

Like their Leo buddies, Pit Bulls sometimes get a bad rep. Contrary to the stigma surrounding their bully ways, these dogs actually LOVE being around people and thrive on being praised.

Virgo: Shiba Inu

These medium-sized dogs don't like to be grabbed or rough play, much like the Virgo, they will approach you on their own terms.  They are generally good-natured, although, strong-willed and intelligent pups.

Libra: Australian Shepherd

Like the social Libra, the Aussie is at their best in social situations. They love to have a job to do that involves working with other people and they blossom in healthy, supportive companionships.

Scorpio: Great Pyrenees

These beautiful dogs are confident, gentle and affectionate - but watch out, they're quite territorial! Just like a Scorpio, nothing gets between him and his flock or family!

Sagittarius: Beagle

The happy traveler, just like a Sag, the beagle is content to be outdoors and exploring the world around him. They have an even temper and an outgoing personality that makes it easy for them to make friends wherever they go.

Capricorn: Husky

Huskies are hard working dogs, just like their Capricorn namesake. They're not afraid of getting down and dirty with the team to achieve any goal set before them. They are well known for their amazing endurance and no-nonsense approach to life.

It's not all fluffy and cute, your Zodiac holds your flaws and secrets too...

The Creepiest Thing About You


You've contemplated what you'd say at a loved one's funeral...even if they're not dying. Being morbidly creative is your wheelhouse, and what better way to do that then writing a eulogy for someone who's still alive?


You have spent time daydreaming about what might happen if you were part of a horrific attack, like an active shooter coming to your office. You picture yourself as the hero, dying to save everyone else or taking down the killer yourself.


You are fixated on death, in any form. You wonder what would happen if you suddenly let go of the steering wheel on the highway or if you were to step in front of a bus on your way to school.


You've actively stalked someone, whether on social media or in real life. You spend hours looking up information about someone you know, and if your crush or ex posts a picture with someone, you also dig into their life. You may have gone so far as to "accidentally" run into them at their job.


You're a skilled and compulsive liar. You create stories in your head and force yourself to believe them. Sometimes you lie just to see if you can, and to see if other people will fall for your deception.


You're obsessive and jealous. What's yours is YOURS, and you won't give it up. If your partner cheated on you, you'd have no issues going off on them or even hurting them physically. You wouldn't even feel guilty afterwards.


You have pictured your own funeral, many times. You imagine who would be most upset, who would show up first, and who would fall apart after you left. You take pleasure in your death making other people upset, it makes you feel important.


You've got some weird sexual fantasies you're trying to keep to yourself, things you wish did not turn you on. During the day you come off as innocent, but at night your fantasies are far from it.


You love learning about disturbing things. Serial killers, torture methods, weapons, it's all on your search history. If the government ever went through your computer you'd have some serious explaining to do.


Your mind is full of toxic thoughts. When you hold a baby animal, you are very aware of how you could crush it with your hands. You think of how easily you could hit a pedestrian with your car. You'd never do any of these things, but you're constantly aware of the thoughts.


You're numb to emotion. You could tell someone directly that their entire family died in a car crash and not have any feeling about it.


You've planned a murder in your head. You don't actually want to kill anyone, but you wonder how you'd get away with it and if you'd be smart enough to not get caught.

A lot of people won't get out of bed until they see their horoscope, maybe that's for the best because your Zodiac sign can also help your style...

What Haircut You Should Get


The Aquarius woman loves to show off her bohemian, quirky style and the fact that she loves to have fun. Her hair choice should reflect that!  

A look that is versatile, but offers layers and bangs in a medium length will allow her to experiment with differently looks to suit her mood.

To style, just simply air-dry or blow dry and run a flat iron or curling iron over the mid lengths to add some texture.

Since Aquarians tend to change their mind often, they should avoid any drastic hair styles that they decided would be a good idea on a whim.


As a Pisces, you are a water sign, which makes a wavy, flow, like mermaid curls the perfect for this sign. Pisces are drawn to natural hair with texture that provides a low maintenance style.

This is why a medium to long-length style that is simple and ready to showcase the natural bend of your hair. A simple center part keeps it clean and subtle layers will enhance the natural waves regardless if your hair is thick or fine.


If you're born under the Aries sign you will want a style that expresses your confidence, energy and adventurous personality. Since you're always on-the-go and are always busy, the style that is easy and fuss-free is perfect for you.

The typical Aries may go from the gym, then directly to class, teaching or public speaking and they need to stand out with little to no maintenance.

This pixie haircut with some volume on top is exactly what it means to be a risk-taking woman who doesn't have time to mess with her hair in the morning.


When a Taurus finds a style she like, she sticks to it. That's what makes this shoulder-length lob with soft tips and a simple part a winner. It's refined and polished, but not too harsh or severe which reflects the warm reliable Taurus.

With a hairdo that's not too high maintenance it can easily fall into any situation she finds herself in.


Gemini women are lively, exciting and love variety in their lives. That's why it's important to pick a playful style that perfectly suits her personality.

This short asymmetrical cut shows off her dynamic personality and gives her the chance for many styling opportunities. Since change is important to a Gemini, this cut works well when it's styled with straight, wavy or curly hair.

Light layers in the front are optional, but it's important to let your hair air-dry to allow your natural textures to come through.


All the water signs, including Cancer, loves to play up their feminine sides. Cancers in particular enjoy being alpha females so this cut will play on that desire.

This cropped and volume-packed bob guarantees that you will turn heads when you walk into a room. The big, soft and romantic curls represent the loving affection and warmth that she extends to those around her.


Leos love to look fearless, sexy and brave and that's exactly what this style does. Just like a lion, the Leo loves to show off her big, full mane and make a statement with her style.

That doesn't mean that long hair is the best way to go. The shorter looks like this, speaks volumes with big, lush curls!


The Virgo woman always like to look put-together, while also expressing her feminine side. She's a gorgeous goddess who like to channel all-natural beauty, which is why this medium-to-long length cut is perfect for her.

This straight-forward style shows off her natural beauty, all while looking neat, fresh and polished with sleek waves.


Balance, harmony and symmetry is important to the Libra, which is why this neat no-nonsense hairstyle is the perfect pick. The Libra likes to take time to groom herself, so this hairstyle will give her that feel-good time to get it perfect.

She should steer clear of messy or complex styles and go for a long, straight, simple cut instead.


It comes as no surprise that Scorpios are known for being fearless, sexy, passionate and of course intense.

That is why they are well-suited for a cut that is short and bold. They love anything that shows off their strength, power and sultry side which is another reason why this style works.


As a Sagittarius you love to show off your happy, carefree and playful side. so letting your hair do it's natural thing makes sense for this zodiac sign.

A slightly shaggy and layered look works wonders with natural curls or waves and the shorter length makes sure that the Sagittarius won't have to fuss with it too much- something that would no doubt irk them.


Capricorns like Kate Middleton are put-together, professional and ready for anything! With Saturn as their ruler, they tend to gravitate to the straight serious cuts.

A long, layered look with a few curls at the bottom will please their style that is both striking and timeless.

Does this sound like you? No fibbing now, because your Zodiac also knows when you're lying...

Are You A Compulsive Liar?


An Aquarius will lie if the ends justify the means. If lying gets things done, they'll do it. These are the kinds of people who believe that all's fair in love and war - including lying.

While not necessarily deceitful, this sign takes a more logical approach to lying: they usually believe that, if it is necessary for all parties to move on, a lie can be a good thing.


Being a bit on the dreamy side, Pisceans have a difficult time pinning down exactly what the truth is. They're not outright liars, but they aren't hard and fast truthers either.

Pisces people prefer to remain ambiguous - they're open to multiple interpretations of the truth. This way of thinking can be great when it comes to group projects, but terrible when it comes to honesty in one-on-one relationships.


Rarely a liar.  An Aries has no fear of confrontation and for the most part their confidence keeps them honest. If they have no reason to fear what another person thinks about their truth, why bother hiding behind a lie?

If they do lie, it's usually to save someone else's skin, rather than their own.


These people are fiercely honest. They aren't afraid to hurt a person in the short-term with the truth because they know it is better than to hurt them in the long-term with a lie.


Watch out for Geminis, they are very good liars. Although they justify it by operating in that infamous grey area.

For them, the truth has many facets, so what might be true for a Gemini, may not necessarily be true for someone else.

Nothing is black and white - you prefer to operate in shades of grey.



Careful with a Cancer. They don't lie, but they don't always tell the whole truth either. They're a little more mysterious than most, and some can resort to manipulating the truth to suit their needs.

They don't necessarily do it out of malice, it's just part of their character.


Although not typically liars, but they definitely are know to exaggerate the truth. These are the people who tell fish tales - "it was THIS BIG!"

They lie to get other's attention, or to get themselves out of a sticky situation. They're not typically great liars either, so oftentimes, it backfires on them.


Probably the least likely to lie. In fact, this sign hates to do it.

More often than not, this sign thinks of others before themselves, so if they lie, it will be to protect another person at the cost of their own integrity.

They're terrible liars, they can be quite nervous doing it.


Librans lie as a defense mechanism. They only do it to get out of a confrontation, or if they're feeling indecisive.

Since this sign hates conflict, they'll lie if it can get them out of a controversy. They often lie prematurely, before they've even thought about what they're saying.


A Scorpio lies to protect themselves - especially their vulnerable, emotional centers. When they tell the truth, they often feel 'naked' and exposed to others. Like their Libra cousins, they lie to escape reality.


They're optimists who believe in the mantra "fake it until you make it." To them, it's not exactly 'lying' as it is just manifesting destiny.

Sagittarius will lie if they feel that the truth will hurt someone, or to make someone feel better about themselves. Like a few other signs, they'll lie to get out of a sticky situation.


It's not typically in their nature to lie, but a Capricorn will do it if they have to. They are a dutiful sign, so if their friends or family are at risk, a Cap will gladly like to protect them.

They won't make up tall tails or exaggerate the truth in order to brag about their achievements though a Capricorn hasn't got time for that.

Your Zodiac also has important information about your love life...

What You Need In A Relationship

Aquarius: Words Of Affirmation

Totally social and cerebral, Aquarians thrive off of language. Say the right words and you've got them hooked - for life.

To get to the heart of an Aquarius, you've got to engage them mentally. Their perfect partner can lead them into a night-long discussion about everything from philosophy to childhood adventures, don't be afraid to go deep with an Aquarius, the more you talk, the more they feel connected.

Pisces: Acts of Devotion

These are the all-or-nothing people of the zodiac. They give 110% to their partners and they expect the same in return. Sure, it's nice to hear "I love you," but these people need to see it to believe it.

Since actions speak louder than words, you've got to be willing to do whatever it takes for your Piscean partner. Whether it's the 'grand gesture' of selling all your belongings and moving over seas, or rubbing their feet after a long day of work, they'll feel loved if you're consistently giving them these signs of love and support.

Aries - Compliments & Quality Time

Sure, Aries are a little impulsive, but that doesn't mean they don't enjoy or need affection. In fact, this sign is strongly impacted by the things people say. They want the kind of partner who will look them in the eyes and tell them why they love them.

This sign's other, sometimes more dominant love language, is all about togetherness. These people are about quality over quantity when it comes to the moments they share with their beloved. They would thrive with a partner who signs up for all their crazy adventures, big and small.

Taurus: Service & Physical Touch

Just as Taurus likes the finer things in life, they really appreciate a thorough sweep-off their feet. The people of this zodiac will put their potential mates through the ringer before they're confident that they're the real deal.

Taurus is a sensual and passionate creature, who loves a good pampering. So, treat them to some tasteful public cuddling, hold hands over dinner, and surprise them with a fully-stocked fridge, or by detailing their car.

Like most twins, Gemini has two languages of love, and they often intersect...

Gemini: Words Of Affirmation & Physical Touch

Geminis are astrology's chatterboxes. They will totally light up if their lovers take the time to tell them how they feel - in detail. Leave nothing out when it comes to sweet love notes and love songs.

As communicators, more than most zodiacs, they're looking for a complete connection - mental and physical. You'll have them swooning when you take them on a long walk, hold their hand and talk about everything under the sun.

Cancer: Quality Time & Physical Touch

Although they often lead full and exciting social lives, Cancers are truly happy when they're at home with their one and only. The best way to show your love for a Cancer is to find activities that will bring out their vulnerable and accepting sides.

Care for your Cancer by cooking a delicious meal with them, followed by a cozy snuggle under a warm blanket and lots of kisses.

Leo: Gift Giving & Acts of Service

This is probably THE most romantic sign of the zodiac - next to a Libra, of course! The Leo is ALL about grand gestures, so their partner had better be creative.

Typical Leos love to receive something shiny and unique - just like them. Find a way to personalize an exciting gift and bring them breakfast in bed with a single red rose. They'll feel pampered and cared for, which is exactly what they want.

Virgo: Words Of Affirmation & Physical Touch

As the most analytical sign of the zodiac, a Virgo's laser-like criticism more often than not focuses in on themselves. They can be their own worst critic, so the best way to win a Virgo's heart is to counteract that nit-picky voice inside their heads.

Sincere words of affirmation paired with supportive physical touch is a surefire way to tame a Virgo's anxious heart. They're highly self-sufficient people, but even they need someone to take the lead, stop the world and kiss them passionately in the rain.

Libras: Acts of Service & Gift Giving

As one of the zodiac signs ruled by Venus, Libras love romance, romantic gestures and everything that comes with that  - just don't over-do it.

Libras appreciate balance in their lives, and their love lives are no exception. Small acts of love add up quickly for your Libra. Take a little stress out of their day by taking on a chore - tidy the house, pick up their groceries or their dry cleaning. Then leave a beautiful vase of flowers, or a box of homemade cookies on the table with a handwritten love note.

Scorpio : Acts of Service

A Scorpio heart can be a hard nut to crack. They don't typically follow the traditional approach when it comes to using the "normal" styles of love. They may completely disregard all of your romantic advances at first, but don't lose heart.

The way into their world forever is to show - don't tell, how you feel. If you can prove that you're reliable, trustworthy and someone they can count on, they'll let you in to their lives and then some. Pick them up if they need a lift from the airport, show loyalty by taking their side in a group discussion, earn their trust by being as honest as possible.

Sagittarius: Words Of Affirmation & Quality Time

The Sag is a wanderer and they hate to feel tied down. Although they love a good cuddle, they hate to feel stifled. The best way to sway your Sag is to offer them your time and unconditional support for their wandering ways.

They want a partner in crime - someone who will wander with them or support them from the home base. If you are comfortable with long-distance relationships, it'll likely happen with a Sag. They're loyal and committed to someone who believes in them and their dreams.

Capricorn : Quality Time & Acts of Service

They are among the hardest working people of the zodiac, which means they don't often have time to pursue love. They need a partner who loves their ambition and encourages them to go after their dreams.

The best way to show love to a Cap is to squeeze-in quite moments throughout the week: take them to lunch in the park, bring a cup of their favorite coffee between meetings and offer to walk the dog after work. This practical sign will love feeling supported and looked after.

There are two sides to a relationship, and the Zodiac works both ways...

What Your Partner Needs Based On Their Sign


They like to be open and honest, and involve themselves in many things. They are satisfied when they feel important and wanted in their partners lives. They also enjoy traveling and are excellent partners on worldwide adventures.


They tend to be sensitive and more emotional, but have a hard time expressing themselves. They need a partner who can help them get out those feelings and making them feel heard.


They do not like to be compared to others, and need you to show that they are your number one focus. They appreciate when their partners acknowledge the things they do and help them feel special.


They tend to be more closed off so they need someone who is understanding and able to make them feel comfortable enough to share their feelings.


They are extremely sensitive and get hurt by your words easily, but that won't stop them from speaking their mind. They need someone who can listen to their words and help them feel understood.  


They put everything they have into their relationship and they expect you to do the same. Make sure you are putting your best foot forward and contributing as much as they do.


They need their partners to support them in any situation. They try to make their partners feel happy because their partner is extremely important to them.


They strive to make their partner happy by helping them become the best versions of themselves. They want their partner to do their best, whatever that means to them, and enjoy life as much as possible.


They do best around positive attitudes. They need good energy around them and that is accomplished through respect and understanding.


They are incredibly romantic and value trust and support highly. They are extremely affectionate and need someone who will put everything they have into the relationship.


They believe that mutual trust is the most important thing in a relationship, and can often notice when a partner is not being honest.


They tend to avoid drama as much as possible, and they want nothing more than for their partner to enjoy a peaceful and understanding life with them.

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