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Family Of Six Give Up Lavish House To Live In RV Camper

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When I was young, my father bought an RV for my family to use on our annual vacations. The tiny camper could only comfortably fit three people, but of course, we were a family of five.

Since it wasn't as habitable as other mobile homes might have been, dad quickly rethought his pricey purchase, and we returned to flying to our holiday destinations.

While the experience with our camper could have gone better, it doesn't mean others are destined to have similar negative experiences. With enough elbow grease and patience, a tiny home can become a beloved sanctuary to plenty of people.

An example of these humble abodes is the one owned by the Harger family. The family of six, which includes four energetic youngsters, live in a camper with minimal belongings.

Heather Harger said she and her husband Jordan bought their RV after they decided to leave their gated community in Orlando, Florida and move to South Africa.

While others would view their decision as unfathomable, the Hargers saw this as their calling.

"We are a crazy and ordinary radical family of six that left a wonderful, comfortable life in suburbia U.S.A. (by Disney World, nonetheless) to move to South Africa in order to pursue our personal calling to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly to those who are voiceless, powerless, and forgotten," Heather wrote on the family's website.

"Our goal is to break the cycle of poverty and bring dignity, restoration, and transformation back to communities," she added.

While some people wouldn't be able to live in these small quarters, their new lifestyle helps Heather and Jordan deal with one of their son's rare health aliment.

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