Famous people who love to play online casinos


Famous people who love to play online casinos

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Online casinos have come a long way since their inception several decades ago. They are no longer a dark place of shady firms only where players ventured at their peril. Sure, while some unscrupulous sites exist, there are many legitimate casinos online with licensing and constant independent regulation that protect anyone playing online. Such is the success and explosion of these casinos that celebrities are now among the many international fans joining in on the fun. The cool casino games and Sportsbooks must be a pull factor, of course, and the privacy away from paparazzi.

Many celebrities and professional players play in the online casinos with the best payouts, as it is a cool choice if you want to play it safe and have a good chance of winning. You can also try to play in the best paying online casino, finding them through reviews, and feeling in the place of celebrities. There are differences, though, in how stars enjoy their game and how you play online. The amount of cash involved is also colossal.

There is plenty in the world of celebrities and gambling, and here are five famous people who love online casinos.  

Ben Affleck

Affleck is a bonafide Hollywood A-lister. However, when he is not out on some blockbuster or trying out his cool Batman toys, he could be on a blackjack table at an instant bank transfer casino in Australia, which you can also find very easily through reviews. However, it seems his casino game adventures got the better of him, and it became an addiction. He was even banned from some of the high-end casinos under accusations of card counting. Back in 2001, the actor made efforts to get his addiction under control by going into rehab. Since there have been no other issues, it is safe to assume he did so. Also, according to some tabloids, he loves playing online gambling, where he still gets to play his favorite blackjack and poker.

James Wood

James Wood is another popular actor who has a well-professed love for cards and does not shy from being a gambler. In the early days, he was among the first public figures to fully endorse celebrity poker. He has been seen frequently visiting Foxwoods Resort Casino, where he was a regular. He is not afraid of his passion for poker which he carried with the same enthusiasm to online gambling. Again, he was the first to endorse Hollywood poker, an online betting rooms platform that allows placing real cash on matches. It also gives a chance for others to play against big-name celebrities and even win. It is easy to see why James Wood would pick online playing platforms. You can have fun anytime and even while on the move.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon always seems to be in need of some saving in most of his hit movies, especially the Martian and the classic Saving Private Ryan. However, it is his other older movie, Rounders, that has relevance to his love for casinos. The 1998 movie explores the high stakes of underground gambling, and he had to play some poker matches as part of research and movie preparation. It seems the sport did rub off on him as in 2011; he was mentioned to be among the top Hollywood figures who enjoy private Texas Hold’em games. One of the other figures mentioned was his close friend Ben and these two definitely now appreciate the cool online casino games.

50 Cent

50 Cent is famous for his Get Rich or Die Tryin' album and movie, among other things. Since this is his personal mantra, it is not beyond him to bet to win big and not just for fun. His famous sports betting seems to affirm this.

First, in 2007, he successfully placed a bet that Floyd Mayweather would beat Oscar De La Hoya. In 2012, he put a $500,000 bet that the New York Giants would beat the San Francisco 49ers in the conference final. They did, and 50 Cent won the cool $500,000. He then later went double or nothing, placing a $1million bet that the Giants would beat the undefeated Patriots in that season's Super Bowl, which he again won.

50 Cent has often talked about his gambling problem and the need to realize that he cannot break a casino. He still gets to enjoy his gambling escapades on online platforms and sports. Part of the fun seems to include mock bets like the hilarious $750,000 bet on whether Mayweather could read a page of any Harry Potter book. It is clear that he has plenty of cash to risk. Fortunately for you, you can always have fun using bonuses to save and increase your own money.

Jennifer Tilly

A lady celebrity does make this list, and it is Jennifer Tilly who has taken playing in casinos to another level. She is so good at her various favorite games. These include free quick hits slot machines and poker, and she has several seven-figure winnings. She is regarded as a professional poker player and even an online wagering expert. She sure will not feel out of place in a world series of poker competitions as she participates in several Vegas poker tournaments. She prefers the classic three-reel online slots version while still finding time to visit the hottest brick and mortar Las Vegas casino.


Just like us ordinary mortals, it is not always rosy with actors and gambling. And not everyone can enjoy wins like Romano or 50 Cent. Some like Charles Burkley lose vast sums of money while at it. Other celebrities like Charlie Sheen get an addiction problem that even affects their personal and family lives, including divorce at one time. It is essential to know when to quit and when to seek help when the habit becomes compulsive. Also, only bet what you can afford to lose. You can follow the example of Gladys Knight, who managed to quit a 10-year gambling addiction even though she loved playing as much as you do. Find a good and safe platform and read various guides on the different wagering strategies and related articles. Also, avoid simple mistakes like using an incorrect email address or divulging private information on unsecured platforms.

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