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Firefighters Race To Family Home After They Get This Unusual Call For Help

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A chubby dachshund in Glasgow has so many regrets. Instead of waiting inside the gate like he normally goes, Milo the sausage dog stuck his chubby body through the railings and found himself trapped. Poor little guy.

His owner Sarah Jane Thompson was frantic at first - unwilling to try to dislodge her pudgy pup for fear of hurting his delicate back.

"I was pretty worried as dachshunds have very delicate backs because they’re so long, so if he had started to panic to wriggle out it could have been very serious," Sarah said.

"I usually close the gate to the front garden and leave him in there while I put my daughter in the car. Milo usually waits patiently but this time when I turned around he was just looking at me and then I realised his front half was all the way through the bars."

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Sarah called the fire station and they showed up in a few minutes with a full fire engine.

Even though Milo was trapped in the gate for over half an hour, he didn't seem to be too upset. He accepted his predicament and used it as a prime opportunity to pose for some adorable photos.

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Just look at his chubby belly! It's a wonder he was able to fit through the gate in the first place.

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