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McDonald's Is Giving Away Free Big Macs All Summer - Here's How You Can Get One


A 50-year-old burger doesn't sound very appetizing, at first. But what we're really talking about is a fresh, tasty burger with a long history.

The Big Mac - the cornerstone of McDonald's menu - is turning 50, and the chain has a special deal for the burger's diamond jubilee.

You can get one free burger with the purchase of another Big Mac - but we'll show you how to save even more, and get two burgers for just $1.

Meet The MacCoin

Big Mac
The six MacCoin designs.McDonald's

Starting Thursday, August 2nd, 14,000 participating McDonald's locations will be giving away a special MacCoin with each Big Mac burger.

Starting Friday, August 3rd, your MacCoins can be redeemed for a free Big Mac.

The chain is giving away 6.2 million MacCoins around the world, but supplies are limited so plan to take advantage of this deal fast.

Any leftover MacCoins will be accepted through the rest of 2018.

Savvy burger-lovers have already figured out that the McDonald's app can save you even more.


Until Thursday, August 30th, you can get a Big Mac or other McDonald's sandwich for just $1, using a coupon code in the app.

By using the code daily, you can get two Big Macs for $1 every day until the promotion runs out.

Plus, right now app users can get free fries every Friday. Combine both deals on Friday to get two burgers and side of fries. What a steal!

A Burger With History

Michael Delligatti

Why does the deal start on August 2nd? To honor the Big Mac's inventor, McDonald's franchisee Michael Delligatti, who would have turned 100 this Thursday.

Delligatti is credited as the creator of the Big Mac, which he admits was inspired by a similar burger offered by the Big Boy chain.

"This wasn't like discovering the light bulb. The bulb was already there. All I did was screw it in the socket," Delligatti reportedly said.


Of course, a Big Mac famously has, "Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions and a sesame seed bun."

But Delligatti credited the special bun with making the Big Mac a hit when he tested it at his Pittsburgh restaurant.

Despite a 2016 survey that found just one in five millennials have eaten a Big Mac, the burger is still a top seller.

McDonald's says they sold 1.3 billion Big Macs worldwide in 2017.

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