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McDonald's Is Giving Away Free Fries Every Week For The Rest Of The Year

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Named the number one most successful fast food chains in the United States, McDonald's is a staple in millions of American's diets.

Although it might not be the most healthiest option to be your go-to dinner, their food is delicious and their fries could potentially cure baldness.

But for those who don't feel compelled to dine at the Golden Arches, this new deal might just change your mind.

Starting this month, McDonald's will be giving away free medium-sized french fries every Friday for the rest of the year.

Can we say "Fri Yay?"

If you might think this promotion is too good to be true, be prepared to be told otherwise. All customers have to do to get their favorite side is to purchase a menu item costing $1 or more.

That's right, for only a $1 (think summer drink days!), you can get your hands on the crispy goodness.

To get your free fries, you must download the mobile app and register for a free account, which features even more great deals, such as a free medium soft drink with a $1 purchase or free hash browns with the purchase of any breakfast sandwich.

More changes ahead

Giving out free fries isn't the only thing McDonald's is doing to entice its patrons either.

In Canada, restaurants will be shifting to make their burgers with "certified sustainable" beef within the next 12 months.

The fast food chain's beef will soon meet the standards outlined by the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB), which includes making sure the animals have "adequate feed and access to drinking water and that they endure minimal stress and pain."

The shift will begin with McDonald's popular Angus burgers, with more than 20 million burgers pledged to follow the regulations by the end of the year.

"Consumers are increasingly inquisitive about the food they're eating and want to know it was produced in a socially responsible, economically viable and environmentally sound manner," said Cherie Copithorne-Barnes, a rancher and chairwoman of the CRSB.

"As we all strive to make continuous improvements, it's important to recognize achievements made along the way," she added.

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