From Grave Robbings To Cover-Ups, The 7 Most Bizarre Things About Elvis's Death

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From Grave Robbings To Cover-Ups, The 7 Most Bizarre Things About Elvis's Death

No matter how long it's been since the one and only King passed away, his fans still continue to celebrate his life and the timeless music he shared with us.

While Presley fanatics obsess over every detail of his life, there are 7 bizarre secrets about Presley's death that still baffle us decades later.

1. His lost songs

The original recording of the title song from Presley's film "Roustabout" was never released.Rema Mendoza

Decades after he passed away, Elvis collectors are still buying his records and memorabilia, but it's unclear if there will ever be a complete set of the King's music.

While Presley obviously hasn't written any new music recently, new Elvis songs keep turning up, like when a recording cut from one of his movies was found in a New Jersey basement in 2003. Could there be even more records waiting to be discovered?

2. His final photograph

Lots of businesses were desperate to take advantage of the King's death, including the t-shirt sellers who sold souvenirs outside of Presley's open casket funeral. One of Presley's own family members, his cousin Billy Mann, earned a tidy sum snapping a candid shot of Elvis lying in his coffin.

He sold the photo to the National Enquirer for $18,000, and it made the front page of the paper's best-selling issue of all time. Presley's girlfriend, Ginger Alden, also tried to sell her story to the paper for as much as $100,000.

Presley and AldenElvis Presley Photos

It turned out to be a smart move, because Presley didn't leave Alden anything in his will.

3. What killed the King?

Elvis went to the bathroom of his Graceland home in the middle of the night, and he was found there hours later by Ginger Alden. For weeks, that's all that was certain about the singer's death. The medical examiner ruled Presley died of cardiac arrhythmia, but there's no way to identify arrhythmia from a dead body.

A photo from Presley's final concert shows how much weight he gained before his death.FilmForum

It was later revealed that Presley's doctors were likely covering up their own responsibility, since they had provided Elvis with as many as 10,000 prescription pills the year he died. The combination of the 14 drugs in Presley's system when he died were probably what killed him.

But many of the King's biggest fans ask another question: is he really even dead?

4. Could Elvis still be alive?

Fans claim the bearded man behind the two women in this shot from "Home Alone" is the King himself.Noisey

Evidence seems stacked against this popular conspiracy theory (we just showed you the photo of Elvis in his coffin, after all) but to this day fans insist that the King walks among us. While some say Presley lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan, others have spotted him in the background of the movie Home Alone.

The grey bearded man is Presley visiting his old home, according to fans.Elvis Presley Is Alive / Facebook

More recently, fans spotted an elderly man visiting Graceland in 2016 who bears a striking resemblance to Presley. Could the King be scoping out how his famous house has changed? More importantly, did they make him pay to get in?

5. His career is still alive and well

A fan browses the Graceland gift shop.NBC News

Even though he's long gone, Presley's music is still performing as well as today's biggest hit-makers. As we speak, he's racing against Ed Sheeran on the U.K.'s top albums chart thanks to a new compilation called The 50 Greatest Hits.

Elvis the hearts of fans everywhere.Emirates 247

In the years following his death, 6 of Presley's unreleased songs rushed to the country music top 10 charts here in America. The King has consistently ranked as the best-selling deceased performer of the year, earning a record-breaking $60 million in 2010.

6. Presley's body was almost stolen - by his own father

Presley's first burial, at the Forest Hills cematary.Elvis Presley Music

They say that parents will do anything for their children, but it's possible that Presley's father Vernon went too far when he arranged to steal his son's corpse. Apparently, the attempted robbery was his way of scaring the city of Memphis into moving the singer's body.

Presley's final resting place, in his family plot at Graceland.Houston Press

Vernon wanted Elvis buried in Graceland, but city zoning laws ruled it out. The city was already unhappy paying to protect Presley's crypt around the clock, so the attempted grave-robbing convinced them to make an exception. Today, more than 700,000 fans visit Presley's final resting place in Graceland each year.

7. Elvis predicted his own death

Anyone who was alive the day Elvis Presley died can remember where they were when they heard the news, but while the world was shocked to lose the King he expected his own death much earlier.

Elvis with his parents, Vernon and Gladys.Elvis Presley Photos

Presley's mother Gladys had died at age 46 from a heart attack just months after the singer enlisted in the army. For the rest of his days, Elvis predicted that he would die young just like she did. The King was reportedly very interested in spiritualism, so maybe he knew something we don't about the "other side."

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