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Frozen Avocado Slices Are A Thing Now But Not Everyone Is Happy About It

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Avocados are nutritious and delicious, but expensive. It also doesn't help that they have a short shelf life, or sometimes never ripen.

It's a real bummer when you get a bad batch of avocados, but one company has thought of a clever solution: Frozen avocado slices.

Once known as the "alligator pear," avocados are now a popular food item worldwide. They're the necessary ingredient to make guacamole, taste great on toast, and make the perfect addition to salads and burgers.

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Global sales of avocados reached $13 billion last year, according to Fortune. Pixabay

Not only do frozen avocados eliminate the chances of you getting an avocado-related injury, which happens more often than you think, these packages will also save you a lot of time.

If you love frozen berries, you might love these.

Welch's, the company that's best known for their grape juices, jams and jellies, just rolled out their latest product, and it's getting a lot of buzz.

Each 10 oz. and 32 oz. frozen avocado bag is filled with "hand chunks" of ripe-frozen avocados "so that they are always ready right when you need them," the company wrote on their website.

Welch's added that this product is great for "a variety of recipes like Poke bowls, dressings, sandwiches even desserts."

The good news is that these avocados are super healthy!

"They are sodium and cholesterol free, a source of fiber and just 50 calories per serving," the company added.

Some social media users are pretty excited about trying these frozen avocados.

"I struggle with avocados ... I buy them then I wait for them to get ripe, they're ripe for about 5 minutes before they go bad and I've missed my opportunity," a user shared on live_love_keto's Instagram post after she posted a photo of buying the frozen fruit.

"Imma have to look for these," someone else chimed.

That being said, this product has mixed reviews.

"I try these in a smoothie & turned it army green brown. Once thawed, it's not that great of taste & poor color! Better use fresh," another Instagram user commented.

"One good point is that the chunks in the bag were quite large," an Amazon reviewer wrote. "But the taste is just way too off from a real "“ fresh "“ avocado."


Will you be trying this frozen fruit?

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