20 Hilarious Tan Lines That'll Make You Never Want To Step Outside Again

With all the excitement that comes with the warm weather and welcomed sunshine, many individuals forget to protect themselves from the hot rays.

If you don't protect your delicate skin, not only are you putting yourself at risk for skin cancer, but also horrible sunburns

Along with being painful and unsightly, sunburns can also be the cause of major embarrassment.  

Want to see what kind of awkward mishaps people have suffered? Here are 20 tan lines that'll make you never want to leave your house again.

1. An alternative to growing a beard

2. Hats off to him

3. Crocs - 1, Feet - 0

4. In case you were wondering where she keeps her gun

5. Meet Zorro unmasked

6. Talk about brand loyalty

7. Clark Kent is getting sloppy in keeping his secret

8. The same goes for Batman

9. She might as well wear socks for the rest of the summer

10. When you have to deny a prank

11. But who doesn't want a spoon outlined on their leg?

12. Is this the tan lines of a lanyard or a piece of toast?

13. That's not where you're suppose to high five

14. It's called fashion, look it up

15. The more you look at it, the more uncomfortable this gets

16. You know she has multiple bathing suits

17. I'm not convinced this isn't two separate people dressed up on the beach

18. Everyone deserves a smile

19. When wearing a necklace can be irritating at times

20. This girlfriend deserves a huge thank you

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