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22 Game Show Answers Contestants Wish They Could Take Back

When you sit at home watching a game show, you often feel like you could totally win the jackpot. The contestants give fairly good answers, but you seem to know a better one.

Of course, when the contestants answer like this, it's not that hard to top them.

1. It's literally in the name.

2. Something tells me this man is single.

3. It sounds like he's speaking from personal experience.

4. Remind me never to come to your house for dinner.

5. In fairness, this is not completely incorrect.

6. Again, not totally wrong.

7. You did say fictitious...

8. On a fish's wish list would be love, though.

9. Someone give this guy a refresher on what a day is.

10. You don't know, maybe he's part of a nudist colony!

11. This is, once again, not wrong.

12. I'm thinkin' you don't know where London is.


14. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

15. Honestly these people are not wrong and they should get half a point.

16. What kind of pickles are you harboring? Also, again he is not wrong.

17. Steve Harvey has to deal with a lot.

18. Someone did not make it through high school.

19. You mean a drug cartel?

20. Well, you shouldn't.

21. The odd time contestants are on the same team.

22. There is no defense for this one.