George Clooney Hospitalized After Car Crash In Italy

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George Clooney Hospitalized After Car Crash In Italy

AP / Giovanna Sanna

Actor George Clooney, 57, was injured early Tuesday morning after his scooter was struck by a car.

Police say the Ocean's 11 star was driving to a film set on the Italian island of Sardinia when a car cut in front of him and collided with his scooter.

George Clooney
The scene of Clooney's accident.Giovanna Sanna

While the driver of the car was reportedly at fault, police say he got out of the vehicle and helped Clooney as they waited for an ambulance.

The star was rushed to a hospital in the nearby city of Olbia, where doctors ran a series of tests including an MRI.

George Clooney
Giovanna Sanna

Local reports say that Clooney's wife, Amal, rushed to be by his side while he was in the hospital.

Doctors say Clooney has trauma to the pelvis, a bruised knee and arm, but the star was released from hospital quickly because he was "not seriously injured."

Clooney's wife, Amal, joined him at the hospital.
George ClooneyGiovanna Sanna

The actor will continue to be treated by his private doctor, and hospital staff expect his injuries will last for more than two weeks.

Clooney, who famously owns a mansion on Italy's Lake Como, is in Sardinia filming a new TV adaptiation of the classic book Catch 22.

We're wishing George a speedy recovery! All the best to him and his family.

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