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Gerber Announces It's Newest 'Spokesbaby' For 2017 - Watch Out Ladies, He's A Charmer

This year's newest Gerber Baby contest winner is 7-month-old Riley from Lewis Center, Ohio. He was chosen from among 110,000 adorable entries. It's not hard to see why - just look at those beautiful eyes!

According to the press release, this wide-eyed cutie will star in a future Gerber advertisement as the 2017 Spokesbaby. He's also won $1,500 USD in Gerber Childrenswear and a $50,000 award.

Baby Riley's mom, Kristen Shines, tells People Magazine that she's excited to start his college fund with the award money.

When asked about how Riley's taking to his new claim to fame, Kristen says "he's flirty to begin with, so I think he's excited to have more ladies to flirt with."

"Riley brings such joy to our family with his infectious laugh and big, gummy smile, and we can't wait to share that joy with the rest of the world!" She says, "We are truly honored to be joining the Gerber family."

Last year's Gerber Baby was cute-as-a-button Isla. She passed the torch onto little Riley this January.

Congratulations little Riley! You're going to do a great job!

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