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5-Year-Old Raises Money For California's Fallen Firefighters

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A 5-year-old girl is raising money for the families of firefighters battling California’s wildfires.

While Faye Segraves knew about the dangers and destruction of California's Thomas Fire, she was saddened to hear about the death of Escondido firefighter, Cory Iverson.

"It was a big fire. I saw video of it," Faye told CNN. "A daddy [in] the fire died."

The news hit home to Faye, as her father, Johnny, is a firefighter who is battling the flames in Ventura County. So when the youngster discovered that Iverson was a father, she decided she needed to help "people who lost their daddies in the fire."

Despite saving up for a My Little Pony, she used the $7 she had in her piggy bank to give other children extra presents for Christmas. When she told her mother, Kylee, she wanted to keep a jar outside their home to collect money, the pair thought of another idea to gather donations.

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