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What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

Am I dating myself by talking about handwriting? That's a distinct possibility. But WHO CARES!

Even though you may not think about it, the way you write actually says a lot about your personality. I know what you're think. "But Meg, they're just letters!! How could they possibly indicate anything about my life?"

Just trust me, okay?

1. Size


LARGE LETTERS: You are people oriented and have a need to be understood.

SMALL LETTERS: You are introverted, focused, and able to concentrate.

2. Slant


RIGHT SLANT: You are friendly, sentimental, impulsive, and value family more than anything.

NO SLANT: You are extremely logical and not likely to make emotional decisions.

LEFT SLANT: You are introverted and prefer to work alone rather than in a group. You are pretty reserved in your personal and professional lives.

3. Pressure


HEAVY PRESSURE: You are extremely emotional and often find yourself overreacting to situations.

LIGHT PRESSURE: You are very adaptable and in complete control of your emotions.

4. Upper Zone


LOOPED "L": You set goals for yourself and know that you'll accomplish them.

RETRACED "L": You're pessimistic about your life and the future, as a lot of your plans have already fallen through.

LOOPED "T": You aren't great at taking criticism, no matter what it is.

RETRACED "T": Self-control is one of your main strengths, and you work extremely hard.

5. Lower Zone


LENDER "Y" LOOP: You are careful in who you consider a friend and trust very few people.

BROAD "Y" LOOP: You have many friends and are open with them all.

LONG "Y" LOOP: Traveling is important to you.

SHORT "Y" LOOP: You are most comfortable at home.

6. Connection of Letters


CONNECTED LETTERS: You are decisive, logical and always have a plan.

NOT CONNECTED LETTERS: You are intuitive and intelligent.

7. Dots On The 'I'


CIRCULAR DOT: A large circle means you are childish and artistic. You also like to stand out in a crowd.

SMALLER DOT: A small dot means you are a perfectionist and like to keep things free from clutter.

8. Cross On The 'T'


HIGH CROSS: Your self esteem is high as are your aspirations.

LOW CROSS: You have many insecurities and aim low.

9. Line Spacing


LITTLE SPACING: You do not manage your time appropriately.

EVEN SPACING: You understand and respect boundaries.

10. Word Spacing


WIDE SPACE BETWEEN WORDS: You are independent and don't feel comfortable in crowds.

NARROW SPACE BETWEEN WORDS: You are dependent on other people and hate being alone.

What does yours say?

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