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Heartbroken Mama Dog Cries When Puppies Die In Fire, But Then She Sees A Basket (VIDEO)

Daisy was a beautiful Golden Retriever whose proudest moment was when she became the mother of seven sweet little puppies.

She and her babies spent their nights cozily cuddling in a barn on their farm and their days playing together in the fields. But tragedy struck when a fire started in the ban and her puppies were trapped inside.

Heartbroken over the loss of her pups, Daisy would sit outside the burnt barn waiting for them to return.

Her humans gave her the space to mourn, but when they realized that she had stopped eating, they knew they had to act quickly.

It didn't take long for them to locate another litter of puppies desperately in need of a mama dog's love. Tragically, their mother had died giving birth.

When they presented the basket of desperate babies to Daisy, she knew exactly what to do!

Daisy loved them instantly and was pleased as punch to be caring for the little Border Collie babies!

She's so happy to be a mother again and the best coincidence? Daisy is part Border Collie, so it was surely meant to be!

Watch her special interview on Inside Edition:

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