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Herd Of Elephants Helps An Elephant Calf After It 'Collapses' On The Road

Traveling with children can be quite the ordeal. When they've had enough, no matter what species they are, they find a way to make sure that everyone knows it.

As a herd of elephants make their way across one road in the Kruger National Park in South Africa a cheeky calf decides that he's had enough of walking for one day and lays down.

Concerned at first, the herd quickly walks over to investigate the youngster laying prone on the road. The older elephants soon realize what's going on though, and leave the little one to his mother's care.

The great elephant walks over to the little one and nudges him with her foot and trunk, his sibling helps mom out by giving him a good thump on the head. Eventually, the calf dramatically raises to his feet and walks off into the bushes with his herd.

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