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Those Lines On Your List Aren't Wrinkles. They Actually Say A Lot About You

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Our bodies are amazing things and they have a lot of secret messages for us.

Your palm has your life line, which is believed to project your destiny and health over time. It also contains your love line, which will show you how pure your heart is.  

Even your pinky finger can indicated what type of person you are.

Your wrist also holds these hidden messages that can tell you things about yourself you didn't know. They're called bracelet lines, and they're waiting for you to figure them out.

Each line has its own meaning, but the overall number of lines you have is also important. Only having one line can mean a shorter life of no more than 28 years. Two lines means 56 years at most. Three leans means 84 years at most. Very few people have a fourth line, which signifies a life longer than 84 years!


Bracelet Line #1

The first bracelet line is considered the most important. It can signify health problems in both men and women. If your first bracelet line is clearly defined and unbroken, you can expect to enjoy a healthy life. In women, if the line is broken and curved upward towards the palm, you may have reproductive issues. In men, a broken first line can signify not only reproductive issues, but also problems with your prostate. A poor first bracelet line also indicated is indulgent and reckless.

Continue reading to find out what the other lines mean, and what it means if you're one of the very few people who have a fourth line!

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