Hero Babysitter Volunteers For Dangerous, 14-Hour Operation

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Hero Babysitter Volunteers For Dangerous, 14-Hour Operation

It's hard to find a good baby sitter these days. Not only do you want someone you can trust, but that your child will grow to love and rely upon when their parents are away at work.

When New Jersey couple hired 22-year-old Kiersten Miles to care for their three children last summer, they were relieved to see how quickly they bonded with her.

Just three weeks into her job, the children's mother, Farra Rosko, gave Kiersten some bad news. The youngest, 18-month-old Talia was suffering from biliary atresia - a disease that destroys her liver. It would kill her if she could not find an organ donor soon.

Even though she had only known the family for three weeks, the college student decided to find out if she was a match for little Talia.

Sure enough, she was!

In January, Kiersten underwent a 14-hour surgery to remove part of her liver at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Then, it was transported to Talia at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Both surgeries were a success and Talia was thriving after just nine days!

It will take a little longer for Kiersten to recover, but she is glad she did it:

"It's such a small sacrifice when you compare it to saving a life. Some of her doctors said she possibly wouldn't have made it past 2 years old. All I had to do was be in the hospital for a week and a 5 inch scar. I don't know, it just seemed like such a small sacrifice to me," she told Fox News.

We should all be so lucky to have a babysitter who loves our children this much!

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