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How A Mistake Led To The Most Recognizable Dish In The World

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Almost everyone can identify the classic white dish with the blue cornflower on the side. CorningWare was a staple of almost every house on my street when I was growing up. Something so popular had to have been the result of careful planning and engineering right?


In fact, the favorite dish of America is actually the result of a colossal mistake, but when life gives you lemons...


It all started in 1915 when Coring Glass Works introduced Pyrex to the world. It was the first time that glass ovenware could be used. The traditional metal was the only option before because glass couldn't stand up to the heat.

Fast forward a few years to 1952 and Dr. S Donald Stookey, who worked for Corning, was working in a division trying to find an even stronger version of glass. Little did he know that an accident in the lab was about to change his job forever.

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