Hugh Jackman's Original X-Men Audition Video Leaked

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Hugh Jackman's Original X-Men Audition Video Leaked

Before Hugh Jackman became a household name, he was a stage actor in local products such as Beauty and the Beast and Sunset Boulevard.

Everything took a turn in 1999 when he auditioned for a role in Bryan Singer's X-Men. Fast forward to 17 years later, he has won the world over with the best portrayal of the Marvel superhero, Wolverine.

As his final stint as Wolverine came to an end when Logan hit theatres earlier this year, a video that proves why he landed role surfaced.

The 11-minute video takes us back in time to the moment Jackman auditioned for the iconic role and it is not hard to see why he was awarded the part.

The adored actor reads various lines from scenes of the original X-Men script while the director, Bryan Singer, gives him some notes.

Watch the video below and get a nostalgic look back at how Jackman landed the role.

Jackman may have hung up his claws as Wolverine, but lucky for us he will continue to grace the big screen in other roles. Later this year, he's slated to appear in biographical musical drama The Greatest Showman alongside Michelle Williams and Zac Efron.

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