I Can't Believe How Much These 12 Classic TV Homes Would Really Cost

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I Can't Believe How Much These 12 Classic TV Homes Would Really Cost

Before everyone started complaining about how much Monica and Rachel's apartment in New York would really cost, we were happy to accept the illusion that all the families on TV just happened to live in nicer homes than the rest of us.

Maybe people in Hollywood just have a skewed perspective on things, but looking back at some of these shows it really is amazing the prime real estate the characters on our favorite shows could afford. It's hard to work out exactly how much these homes were worth when the show first aired, but it's easier to tell how much they would cost today.

See if you can afford to live in your TV dream home - but don't get your hopes up!

1. The Wonder Years - $880,000

The best part about living in the 60s? Real estate was cheaper.

2.The Dick Van Dyke Show - $850,000

Good thing he had that cushy job as a TV writer.

3. Bewitched - $650,000

Samantha must've wiggled her nose to help pay for this home.

4. The Beverly Hillbillies - $18 million

This mansion has 10 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. Good thing they had that Texas T to pay for it.

5. Happy Days - $2.6 million

I hope the Cunninghams made Fonzy pay rent!

6. I Love Lucy - $10,500 (per month)

Manhattan apartments have got a little pricey since the 50s!

7. The Jeffersons - $20,000 (per month)

You have to clean a lot of clothes to afford this four bedroom apartment.

8. The Munsters - at least $1 million

Nice houses in Hollywood are costly, and that's before you add in the Gothic architecture.

9. Leave It To Beaver - $350,000

The appeal of a nice home in the suburbs has never faded.

10. The Addams Family - at least $5 million

Hey, a home with enough space for a pet lion and dragon will cost you!

11. The Honeymooners - $2,300 (per month)

Don't ask us how the Kramdens lived here on one salary.

12. The Brady Bunch - $1.4 million

TV's most famous family lived in North Hollywood, where the prices are sky-high. But they still managed to afford that Hawaiian vacation!

Which of these homes do you want to live in? Share this list and tell us!

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