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5 Robbers Attack Girl On Street, But 88-Yr-Old Vet’s Next Move Has Them Running For The Hills

Five knife-wielding robbers got more than they bargained for when they they tried to steal from a young woman and were chased away by an 88-year-old military veteran.  

John Nixon intervened after he saw the young men attack a woman in Raglan Street, Kentish Town in London.

Former SAS veteran Mr Nixon said his ‘training kicked in’ and he karate chopped one of the thugs on the neck before sending them running – despite suffering knife wounds to his head and hands.

Mr Nixon was then taken to hospital after a neighbour called the police.

He told the Evening Standard: ‘My initial thoughts were to divert their attention away from the girl who was screaming. I shouted “leave her alone”. But they turned on me, saying “We’ll take your money instead” and I said “No you don’t”. Kids this age are full of bravado, you see, they weren’t expecting a surprise.’

Mr Nixon revealed that he trained as a commando in the 1940s and also fought in the Korean War as part of an elite unit.

The 88-year-old also said that he had taken part in intelligence missions all over the world, in places such as Egypt, the Middle East and Germany.

Recounting the robbery, he said that his training had kicked in and he quickly disabled two of the attackers.

Mr Nixon, who is a widower with an adult daughter, said that he then had to disarm a knife-wielding attacker and suffered stab wounds, although they were shallow.

The thugs then ran away after realising they had bitten off more than they could chew and Mr Nixon was later taken to the Royal Free Hospital.

He later recounted his story at a neighbourhood police meeting and was commended for his ‘extraordinary bravery’.

He also said: ‘I’ve been shot in the leg and even bitten by a snake, the venom lay dormant in my spine for years. I’ve been near death so many times that situation just doesn’t worry me. The woman ran off screaming but I hope she is okay.’

The Metropolitan Police confirmed that a man had suffered minor injuries in the attack but no arrests have been made.

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