If You Laugh At These, You're Definitely One Of Us

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If You Laugh At These, You're Definitely One Of Us

Sure, Canadians get teased because they're too polite, but they just roll with the punches and say "Sorry 'bout that."

What's their secret? Maple syrup, the longest winters in North America and probably a few hockey concussions to keep them honest.

If you grew up in the land of ice and snow, skated on a questionable pond or satisfy your cravings for coffee by ordering a double-double, then you're probably one of us.

Scroll through some questionably Canadian memes - if you laugh, you're a probably a lumberjack in disguise.

Why yes, that is a zamboni in line at the drive-through.

Outhouse. That's an Outhouse.

We all spoke Frenglish/Franglais in grade school.

Best. Neighbor. Ever.

Brave soul.

Two words: Magic. Carpet.

It's a love-hate relationship.

Do you even skate?

This is how bar fights start

So true


Breakfast of champs

To real.

For like 20 minutes:

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