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Inside The World's Deadliest Amusement Park

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Theme parks are a classic vacation spot for many families over summer break. However, they can get a little pricey. Who has $65 to spend per person to go to Six Flags? Certainly not me.

That's why Action Park became so popular. Located in New Jersey, it was more easily accessible and cost efficient. There was also a high chance of injury or death. But hey, what a deal right?

Action Park opened in 1978, and just 5 years later it was surrounded by controversy and lawsuits. So let's take a look at some of the reasons WHY it was ridiculously unsafe.

The Cannonball Loop Slide

Already the name has me concerned. This water slide shot patrons down into a relatively shallow pool of water...if they made it that far. It relied on your body weight and sheer force to shoot you up and around the loop (y'know, like a cannonball!) and then into the pool. To test safety, mannequins were sent down the slide first. More often than not, they would come out decapitated. The building team would then readjust the loop until the mannequins finally emerged with their bodies in tact. Then, employees were offered $100 to test it out officially. Strangely enough, the Cannonball Loop slide didn't cause any deaths, but that's probably because it was shut down too quickly for anyone to even try.

Continue reading to find out how people hacked the bumper cars to make them unsafe.

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