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Is This Really How A Mother Would Handle The Situation?

Since the now famous interruption of 'BBC Dad' went viral earlier this week, parodies and commentaries have been circling the internet like wildfire.

It seems everyone has an opinion about how he should have handled his daughter's show-stealing saunter and his wife's desperate (and totally inspiring) grab-and-flee out of the room.

One question that has been on everyone's mind: what if the roles were reversed? What if the interviewee was BBC Mom?

Here's New Zealand's Jono and Ben comedy show's take on how a mom would have handled it:

Many people who saw the original clip argued that Kelly shouldn't have pushed away his daughter, or should have tried to help his wife usher the children out of the room.

Do you think this video got it right? Are moms and dads really this different? Some find it insulting, while others are inspired by the realistic portrayal of how moms have to juggle so much these days.

What do you think?

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