It Was Fate: Firefighter Brings Home Someone Else's Baby

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It Was Fate: Firefighter Brings Home Someone Else's Baby

Baby Grace was ready for the world, but her mother was not.

In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, firefighter, Marc Hadden was on shift one November night when responded to a 911 call from a woman in labor. She couldn't reach the hospital in time and need his help.

Hadden responded to the call, but later realized that it was about to become much more than a routine delivery. The baby girl, Grace, arrived happy and healthy. Hadden returned home that night thinking nothing more of it.

But then, he learned something about Grace that would completely change his life. Little Grace was up for adoption.

Hadden and his wife, Beth, had been praying about adopting another child for years. Now, here she was.

Two days after she was born, she went home in the arms of the man who delivered her and who she would now call daddy. With little Grace, who joins two big brothers Will and Parker, their family is complete!

Watch their story below!