James Corden's Bearded Belle Is Beastly Perfection


James Corden's Bearded Belle Is Beastly Perfection

It's a tale as old as time- but not like you've ever seen it before.

James Corden took to the streets of LA and with the help of his team reenacted some classic songs from Beauty and the Beast playing none-other than Belle herself.

He was joined by actors Luke Evans, Dan Stevens and Josh Gad from the live-action film to reprise key roles for the production and the outcome was simply spectacular!

Everyone was ready to go for James Corden's rendition of Beauty and the Beast performed on the Crosswalk.

Not everyone understood quite what was going on while stopped at the red light.

But nothing quite took the cake, like the final dance number.

And it was simply magnificent.

Watch the full video here:

Watch out Emma Watson, it looks like you have some competition!