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Dramatic Photos Capture The JFK Assassination As It Happened

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AP- Mary Evans / Ronald Grant Archive

For a generation of Americans, the death of our 35th president was the ultimate "Where were you?" moment.

History changed in the blink of an eye on November 22, 1963, when an ordinary day became a milestone our country would never forget.

1. The Trip

President Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy arrive in Dallas.White House Photographs

President Kennedy's final trip to Texas had begun the day before in San Antonio. Kennedy, Vice President Lyndon Johnson, and Texas Governor John Connally were touring the state to raise goodwill for the president's reelection run in 1964.

Denver Post
Kennedy Library
Texas Governor John Connally sits in front of the president and First Lady.Newsline

Unexpectedly, the Texas crowds were warm and welcoming, with people lined up across the state to welcome the president and the First Lady.

2. The Motorcade

The president's custom stretch limousine, with the jump seats folded down.NBC News

The president's route through Dallas had been planned and publicized days in advance. While police were on edge, the president stopped the motorcade twice, to shake hands with groups of nuns and schoolchildren.

The Sixth Floor Museum
You can see Dealey Plaza in the far background of this photo.Wikimedia

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