Joey Chestnut Eats A Record-Breaking 74 Hot Dogs, Wins 11th Hot Dog Eating Contest

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Joey Chestnut Eats A Record-Breaking 74 Hot Dogs, Wins 11th Hot Dog Eating Contest

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Although most people get a hankering for hot dogs in the summertime, unless you're a competitive hot dog eater, you probably won't have more than two.

However, if you're anything like Joey "Jaws" Chestnut, you'll surpass the average of eating 70 hots dogs in a year.

The 34-year-old hot dog eater has kept his title as Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest champion once again and has even broken his own record.

On the Fourth of July, Chestnut won his third straight title - with 11 in total - in Coney Island, by eating 74 hot dogs in only 10 minutes. The fierce hot dog muncher not only renewed his title, but also won the $10,000 prize.

Chestnut is known to be a record-breaker in the hot dog eating world. In 2016, he was the first person to have ever eaten 70 hot dogs in one sitting, and in 2017 he ramped up his score to 72.

Although his original total came in at 64, it was shortly uncovered a plate of frankfurters hadn't been accounted for, raising his number up by 10.

"Frankly, the judging was just off," George Shea, the longtime Coney Island announcer, told The Associated Press. "Joey said, 'Look at my plates,' and Carmen said, 'Look at my plates.' We counted the plates that they had eaten and it was 64 and 74."

However, Chestnut didn't let the mishap affect his mood as he celebrated his much deserved win.

"I found a vicious rhythm," Chestnut said following his victory. "I was feeling good today."

But Chestnut wasn't the only hot dog muncher in the competition. Carmen Cincotti, 26, came in at second place, lagging behind with only finishing 45 tube steaks in the same amount of time.

In the women's competition, Miki Sudo took home her fifth straight title by eating 37 hot dogs in the same timespan as the men's. However, this is a decrease from her total last year as she consumed a total of 41.

Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest has been an annual event hosted on Independent's Day since 1916, and has amassed thousands of hot dog fans who make their way New York to watch the highly anticipated contest.

One of these aficionados is Martha Pleasant, 41, of Franklin, New Jersey. She said she came with her husband Dwight, who "loves wieners."

"We are trying to knock something off my hubby's bucket list," she said.

Has Chestnut's win given you a craving for tube steaks? Check out these unique hot dog recipes to fill your stomach:

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