Judge Judy Rules In Seconds After A Dog Was Brought Into The Courtroom

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Judge Judy Rules In Seconds After A Dog Was Brought Into The Courtroom


It's a heartbreaking reality, but thousands of dogs go missing every year. They are either stolen or they wander away from home, only to be picked up and adopted by a well-meaning individual.

A horrifying statistic about dognapping was reported in 2015 that shocked many animal lovers. According to data provided by the American Kennel Club, dog theft is up 800 percent across the US.  

So when one man found his stolen dog, he did everything he could to to get the pupper back.

In this super emotional episode of Judge Judy, a dog owner takes a chance and lets the law decide who is the rightful owner of his little white poodle, Baby Boy.

There was only one way to truly know who the rightful owner was, can you guess how she did it?

If you listened closely in Sunday school, you may recognize some similarities in the story of King Solomon and the living child.

In it, two women brought a baby before the king, both claiming to be the little boy's mother. Since there was no way to be certain, the King ordered one of his men to cut the child in half and divide his body equally between the women.

The true mother couldn't bear for her son to be harmed, so she begged the king to give the boy to the other woman.

Thankfully, Judge Judy is a little less dramatic than King Solomon. Since it is difficult to prove who the true owner of the dog is, she asks the defendant to bring the pup in.

The plaintiff explains that he knows that the dog is his, while the defendant claims she bought the dog legally from someone on the street.

Judge Judy orders the dog to be brought into the courtroom. When the pup sees his rightful owner, he rushes toward them.

Case dismissed!

Watch their touching reunion below: