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First Look At Renee Zellweger As Judy Garland Has People Concerned

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Judy Garland is an American icon, and even though she left the world too early at age 47, she is still regarded as one of the most talented actresses of her generation.

Garland, who skyrocketed to fame as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, undoubtedly had her struggles towards the end of her life. Her first suicide attempt involved making cuts to her wrists using broken glass. Garland was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for two weeks after this episode. A few years later, she attempted to take her life again, this time using a piece of glass to her neck, which Garland explained as "confusion."

"All I could see ahead was more confusion," Garland said of this suicide attempt. "I wanted to black out the future as well as the past. I wanted to hurt myself and everyone who had hurt me."

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Garland lost her life in June of 1969 after an accidental overdose of barbituates, which suppress the central nervous system. In the months leading up to her death, the actress and singer was touring London performing concerts.

When it was announced that a new biopic about Garland's life would be made, everyone wondered who would play the iconic actress. Very few people have the charisma and talent that Garland did, so the choices would be limited.

However, when it was announced that Renee Zellweger would be playing the role of Garland, people were skeptical. Her last musical performance was in Chicago, which was met with mixed reviews.

Now, the first picture of the new biopic isn't quelling any concerns.

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