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KFC's Newest Marketing Campaign Left Everyone Scratching Their Heads

When you think KFC, you aren't exactly thinking "health food" but KFC UK and Ireland decided to play a little prank on their fans.

They released an image of their brand new "Clean-Eating Burger" which was complete with a chia-seeded cauliflower bun, unsweetened almond yogurt, ice cube relish, "spiralised" chicken breast and 100% British kale.  

The picture also says that it was made in collaboration with Figgy Poppleton-Rice whose Twitter profile (made this month) says she is a "Clean-eating fanatic, development ched, cauliflower connoisseur. Proud mummy to Julian, the micro-teacup Pomeranian"

A spokesperson for KFC was asked to comment and their reply was "The KFC spokesperson isn't available to comment as they are currently looking into an increased cauliflower demand."

Pretty clever marketing campaign, they are even responding to some of the comments on Facebook.

What do you think of the new sassy KFC?

Share with your friends to see if they knew it was a joke or if they thought it was a real sandwich!

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