Kitten Fits In The Palm Of A Hand, Then They Realize He's Not What They Thought

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Kitten Fits In The Palm Of A Hand, Then They Realize He's Not What They Thought

When a Thai family saw this helpless newborn in the middle of the road, they couldn't leave him behind. After searching everywhere for the mother, they decided he needed to be rescued.

After spotting the telling marks on his body, they knew they needed to call a special rescue group to retrieve the tiny cat.

When rescuers arrived, they confirmed that the kitten was probably just a few hours old.

The family believed that its mother was also a rescued animal that they had raised to adulthood and then released back into the wild.

The day before, she had come to visit the family. They suspect that she had given birth to a litter, but dropped this little one on the road as she was moving them to a new location.

The baby was brought to the Wildlife Friends Foundatino in Thailand where he was fed some milk and wrapped up in warm blankets.

Vets confirmed the family's suspicion after a thorough check-up. The little kitten, now named Simba, is actually a wild Fishing Cat.

They are an endangered species of wild cat that are found in Southeast Asia. It is considered one of the most vulnerable of the small to medium-sized cats in the region.

When he's full grown, Simba will be twice the size of a regular house cat. The little kitten will be very well cared for until he is strong enough to fend for himself.

When he's fully grown, he'll be quite the majestic beast:

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