League Forces Boys To Choose: Girl Players Or Championship.

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League Forces Boys To Choose: Girl Players Or Championship.

For the second time, the basketball league director of a New Jersey Catholic Youth Organization has given a team of grade-school basketball players an outrageous ultimatum:

Forfeit the final two games of the season, or discard the two female players on their team.

According to NJ.com, the league's director told the St. John's Chargers that there would be consequences for "illegally" playing with girls on their team. Their record would be wiped and they wouldn't be permitted to play the final games of the season if the girls stayed on the roster.

The spokesperson for the archdiocese of Newark told NJ.com that "rules specifically state the teams should be boys or girls only."

The team had been playing co-ed all season without a problem until now. Rather than making the decision for them, coaches and parents decided to let the children vote on what they wanted to do. All eleven players voted to keep the girls on the team.

When assistant coach Keisha Martel reminded the nine boys and two girls of the consequences, their decision was unanimous - they would stick together. Even if it meant being kicked out of the tournament, "It doesn't matter!" said one boy.

The first incident, earlier this month, involving Sydney Phillips saw the young girl expelled from school and forbidden from playing boys basketball. Recent developments have her re-instated back into the school when an appeals court judge ruled that she should be permitted to attend her classes.

Do you think this is fair? Should boys and girls really be separated in sports? Should they face such harsh consequences for wanting to play together?

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