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"LEGO Dad" Is The Hilarious Instagram Account Every Parent Can Relate To

It's safe to say parents have a love-hate relationship with LEGO. It's a toy we all grew up with, and it can actually help your kids learn to be creative, but anyone who's stepped on a LEGO block with their bare foot will know why so many parents despise them.

But Lego Dad, an anonymous funnyman with a popular Instagram account, is making us warm up to the little yellow figures with his adorable Lego family.

Lego Dad says that he's just a parent who loves Lego and wants to share his passion with the world, but parents like the way he can pick out the little things in life that bug us - like our children.

“Kids will be kids," he says, "the only advantage that I have as a parent is that I can take mine apart.”

Check out some of Lego Dad's funniest jokes:

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