Turn Anything Into Lego With This Amazing New Invention!


Turn Anything Into Lego With This Amazing New Invention!

Lego is still one of the most popular toys ever. There are countless play sets, video games and even movies that are based on Legos! Now, one company wants to let you take even more creative control with your lego and use a special tape to play with it anywhere!

That's right, a tape! This tape is adhesive on one side, then the other side has the design that will let legos click right onto it. So you can attach legos to anything you want, anywhere you want!

They started an Indigogo campaign with a small goal of $8000, but they have exceeded that by over 5000%! They have raised over $400,000 and they still have a month to go before they stop campaigning!

The Lego Compatible Adhesive Tape will work on almost any surface so you can make a little playstation for your kids on the fridge, add some lego to a favorite toy, or even decorate your kids sink!

The tape is available for preorder on their campaign site with a few different color options available. I don't know about about you, but I want some immediately! 2 rolls cost $11 so you can stock up for the kids (or those adults who still like to have a little fun!)