Marriage Experts Reveal Farting In Front Of Your Partner Is Good For Your Relationship

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Before I knew my boyfriend would become my long-term partner, I always had that nervous glee in the pit of my stomach before we'd go out. Some would call it butterflies, but it was also mixed with a twinge of fear of making a bad impression.

Even though I knew I was being irrational, for the first few months I was careful about my actions and what I would say. But, then one night we were watching a movie, I accidentally let one rip.

As embarrassing as it was, after a couple of humiliating seconds, we couldn't help but laugh. I realized my fears had been for naught, since farting is an inevitable part of life.  

Of course, I'm not the only one who (now) thinks this. According to marriage experts, farting in front of your partner actually helps strengthen your relationship.

Shannon Chavez is a psychologist and sex therapist who often works with couples. She said the social stigma surrounding breaking wind is most likely cultivated during early childhood, which carries over to an individual's adult lives.

“Passing gas is viewed as gross, dirty, stinky and not attractive,” she told HuffPost. “Kids get ridiculed about it in school and are even embarrassed by peers if they pass gas in front of the opposite sex or anyone, for that matter.”

“This early programming can come up in our romantic relationships where someone feels inhibited or embarrassed by just the thought of it,” Chavez added. “I think it’s something most people avoid in any sort of intimate relationship out of shame.”

But, how long does it take until you fart in front of your partner?

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