Massive Snake Vomits An Entire Antelope - Whole.

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Massive Snake Vomits An Entire Antelope - Whole.

Do you remember that film Anaconda - the one starring Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube and John Voight, in which Owen Wilson gets crushed and eaten by a giant snake?

If you're like me, you probably saw that and thought 'naaah, that's not possible.'

Well, it might not be an anaconda, but a 13-foot python swallowed an entire antelope on a farm in Groblersdal, South Africa.

The beast proved to be too much for the snake. When reality set in, the truth was too hard to - ahem - swallow, and the python regurgitated the antelope. Whole.

The farmer, Jaco Kotze called Arthur Roden, a local snake catcher to remove the unwanted serpent. He suspected that the huge python was responsible for his missing livestock.

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