McDonald's Is Bringing Back A Favorite Menu Item That's Better Than McNuggets


McDonald's Is Bringing Back A Favorite Menu Item That's Better Than McNuggets

Over the last year, McDonald's has been rolling out new menu items as part of the re-branding of the Golden Arches as a fast-casual dining chain.

The fast food giant has taken flak in the past for using some questionable ingredients in their products, but they have slowly been moving away from that controversy and making some big changes in hopes of regaining people's trust.

So far changes have included serving additive and preservative-free chicken McNuggets, substituting fresh for frozen beef, offering all day breakfast, introducing handcrafted artisan sandwiches topped with pico guacamole at no extra cost, and relaunching the McCafe menu.

Once again, the chain has exciting news to share and fans will be ecstatic to hear it.  

Remember Chicken Selects? After introducing them in 2002, the popular chicken strips remained on the restaurant's menu until they were phased out in 2013.

They were brought back in March 2015 for a limited time, but that was also short-lived. The company once told NBC that they had to plans to make the premium white meat tenders a permanent menu item, which crushed the hopes of many fans.


Now, two years since disappointing many loyal customers, McDonald's is giving chicken tenders another go. Only this time the new menu item is named Buttermilk Crispy Tenders.

On the chain's website, the tenders are said to be made with 100% white meat, battered and breaded. They're available in packs of six and 10-pieces, served with your choice of nine signature sauces.


McDonald's is promoting the return of the tenders with special limited-edition collectible posters. Only 1,000 posters are available and fans can their hands on them when the Buttermilk Crispy Tenders go on sale on October 7 at participating locations.

Rumor has it, you might even be able to get a taste of the beloved Schezuan sauce on that day.

Will you trying out the new Buttermilk Crispy Tenders?

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