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Meet America's New Favorite Politician: Mayor Brynneth Pawltrow

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offAfter a year of nasty political debates and controversy, it's so refreshing to find a candidate that the whole country can unite around. Brynneth Pawltrow, the newly elected mayor of Rabbit Hash Kentucky, has an amazing power to bring people from both sides of the aisle together. She's a political newcomer, she's friendly, she has a great personality and she won by a landslide.

Oh, and she just happens to be a dog.

Brynneth - "Brynn" for short - is the fourth dog to be elected mayor of the 300-person village of Rabbit Hash. Since 1998, the townspeople have realized they don't actually need a mayor, and instead use the election as a local fundraiser.

Each vote costs a dollar, and with more than 3,300 votes (over 1,000 more than her closest competitor) Brynn beat a crowded field of dogs, a donkey and a chicken for the top spot in Rabbit Hash.

Her 23-year-old campaign manager (and owner) Jordie Bamforth says Brynn "doesn’t want to judge anybody for how they look, or their political stances, she will love them no matter [what]."

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