Meet Shironeko,The Smiliest Cat You Will Ever See

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Meet Shironeko,The Smiliest Cat You Will Ever See

Thanks to internet, we see all kinds of special cats on a daily basis. More recently we've been introduced to Didga the skateboarding cat, Lobstah with the claw paw and Felix the runner. But, I guarantee you haven't yet seen a kitty as chill and as happy as Shironeko.

Shironeko, whose name literally means "White Cat" in Japanese, is probably the most zen and content feline to have ever lived.

The tubby furball looks like he's mastered the art of meditation and doesn't have a care in the world (or maybe he just wants to nap all the time).

The blissful Turkish Van cat has garnered huge online following through his blog and YouTube channel. His human has tested his patience by engaging him in silly activities like balancing a bowl on his head or placing him in some atop of a cabbage patch, but Shironeko has managed to keep his cool and adorable smile each time.

It doesn't matter if he's napping in a basket or rolling on the ground, Shironeko, the zen master, is clearly at peace with everything in his life. Keep scrolling for more photos of Shironeko that will without a doubt have you smiling too.

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