Mom Bursts Into Tears When A Stranger Knocks On The Door

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Mom Bursts Into Tears When A Stranger Knocks On The Door

It's every kid's worst nightmare: throw a birthday party where no one shows up. But, when you're three years old, it's just heartbreaking.

Amie Fitzgerald and her husband, Ryan, prepared a baby themed birthday party for their young daughter, Clementine and invited members of their family and friends from out of town. The couple had recently moved to Woodstock, Ontario, Canada and didn't really know many people in their new community.

The morning of Clementine's birthday, Amie received the first text: a cancellation. Then, one after the next, people kept cancelling. Every single person cancelled on Clementine.

"In the end, everybody ended up cancelling except for one girl who's my other daughter's (Cecelia) friend," says Amie.

As her heart sank, she decided to make one, final plea for Clementine. She signed onto a Facebook group called Woodstock Mommies, which she had joined, but wasn't very active in.

She invited anyone who was interested to her daughter's birthday party and put presents out on the porch, so that no one felt obliged to buy one for her daughter. She included the adorable picture of a very excited Clementine sitting next to a beautifully decorated table with a baby doll in her lap.

Then, the doorbell rang.

"When the first came I cried," she said. "She walked through the door and I was like, 'Oh my god we have one person here.' If one person showed up I would have been ecstatic, just because she had one person her age that came. Then a second person came, and a third and fourth and I thought, I'm going to run out of food."

Thanks to a community of moms, little Clementine had the best birthday ever. She met kids of every age, received all kinds of baby accessories for her dolls and celebrated with nearly 25 parents and their kids.

This just goes to show you:  a mom in need, is a friend indeed!

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