Mom Gives Birth In Her Sleep After Being Drugged By Doctors


Mom Gives Birth In Her Sleep After Being Drugged By Doctors

.When Alice Payne woke up, her husband was telling her to push while her doctors and midwives stood around preparing to receive her son into the world.

The 23-year-old firs time mom from Derbyshire, UK delivered baby Philip while she was half asleep. Although the hospital has yet to confirm the claim, she tells The Sun that doctors and midwives were amazed that she was even able to complete delivery.

"Because the contraction monitor wasn't reading me properly, doctors didn't realize that I was as far along as I actually was. So I was given some drugs to let me nap for a couple of hours, but thirty minutes later they realized I was ready to push."

When doctors noticed that her son had stopped growing, they decided to medically induce labor when she was 38-weeks pregnant.

When the baby didn't come, she was given some pain relief and medication to help her sleep. But, the machines monitoring her contractions didn't alert doctors on time and she went into labor as she slept.

Her husband, Jonathan Payne, coached her through the delivery by telling her when to push. She became alert 10 minutes before Philip was born and was only fully awake two hours later.

They were discharged two days later - mother and son are doing well.