Mom Mortified After 5-Year-Old Daughter Packs Alcoholic Slushie In Her Lunchbox

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Mom Mortified After 5-Year-Old Daughter Packs Alcoholic Slushie In Her Lunchbox

Trying to get your kids to help out is a seemingly innocent thing. Asking the kids to go grab an apple or a juice box is something no parent would think twice about doing. That is, until this kid grabbed the very wrong thing.

One mother has shared her experience after asking her 5-year-old to grab a juice pouch from the freezer and put it in her lunch bag. This mom will probably have to double check everything this kid picks for now on because at lunch time she got a very concerned call from the teacher.

She decided to shame herself and share the incident on Facebook.

Her message says "EPIC lunchbox fail...when you tell your 5 year old Preppie to put a frozen juice pouch in her lunchbox...and you forget about the other pouches that were in the freezer!"

The mom was relieved that the school didn't cause a big fuss about the frozen vodka drink. She said that "They were very good about it. I made light of it (it was obviously innocent on my daughter's behalf). I apologized for not sending enough for the teachers and they just laughed thankfully."

Many of the people who have seen it have found it pretty hilarious, making comments like "my daughter's teacher probably would've drunk it! and that "she can pack my lunch!"

Luckily no one was in trouble for this. Lunchboxes have been under fire a lot lately with schools cracking down on healthy eating. It wasn't that long ago that another mother was criticized for giving her child a chocolate slice in their lunchbox.

This mom is probably going to be a lot more careful about where she keeps "mommy's special juice pouches" for now on!