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Mom Shamed For Having 6 Children Under 6 Has The Perfect Response to Rude Strangers

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Being a mom with one, two, three or even four children is no easy task to undertake. As they grow you need to rely on the older ones to watch out for the younger ones, because frankly there's not enough of you to go around.

Krechelle Carter knows the struggle of having young children.

But no matter how many diapers she changes, or messes she cleans up, that isn't the biggest challenge she faces.

"What I really struggle with are people's unwanted opinions," she says.

Carter has 6 children under the age of 6-years-old, and yes, they are all from the same man.

It wasn't always easy growing their family.

The first time they tried for a baby, it took 18-months to conceive, and once they became pregnant they were over the moon with excitement!

After that, the next 4 pregnancies happened before they even started trying, with the 4th one happening before she even gotten her first period and while she still breastfeeding.

Her husband was bathing 4 kids, she walked into the bathroom and poked him with the positive pregnancy test.

With a laugh, her husband Dave's response?

"Your the strongest woman I know.Your are a f***ing motherhood rockstar. Our doctor said it was fine. And look at me with the bathing and the bottles and the late nights, babe if anyone's got this; it's us."

"Five was good. Six is Sensational," she concludes.

Thanks Tova for offering for me to share this here!!! And taking the time to read it!! You are amazing! I hope y'all like it :) Xx

Posted by Krechelle Carter on Thursday, May 4, 2017

The 27-year-old mom, struggles going shopping, going out for dinner and keeping the house clean- but doesn't everybody?

Her main frustrations are with people's opinions about her family.

She has tried to ignore the comments, not let it get to her and smile and keep walking, but she has now found a better way to deal with people's unwanted messages to her.

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