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Mom With Alzheimer's Finds Out She's Going To Be A Grandmother Again And Again

Alzheimer's takes the ones we love from us far too soon. The memory loss can be devastating, causing hurt and frustration in many families.

For Christine Stone, her mother Setsuko was diagnosed with Alzeheimer's eight years ago. The 77-year-old is primarily cared for by her husband Bob, but on weekends Christine steps in to give her dad a break.

Though Alzheimer's has taken a lot from Christine and her mom, there is a very happy silver lining to come from it. Christine is 20 weeks pregnant with her first child and she gets to tell her mom all the time.

“I can tell her and two to five minutes later she won’t remember,” Stone says. “It’s like watching a kid at Christmas wake up and see his presents over and over again, because each time she gets so excited.”

“She remembers long-term things, but her short-term is really affected,” she explains. “But when I give her the pregnancy news she claps and smiles each time and asks which month the baby is due. It's very bittersweet."

Christine has recorded herself telling her mom about the pregnancy and edited them all together. The video is going viral for Setsuko's heart-warming reactions.

"My daughter will appreciate this video when she grows up and know my mom was excited for her arrival and was loved," says Christine.

But one thing Christine Stone wants people to know, is that there is still a lot to be done in terms of Alzheimer's research.

“I want to bring awareness to this disease,” she says. “Yes, it’s sweet seeing my mom get so excited over and over again, but it’s so sad at the same time.”

Christine, Setsuko, and her husband Bob

Watch this emotionally charged video of Setsuko finding out she's going to be a grandmother...10 times.

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