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Mother Cat Knew That If She Left Her Last Baby To Search For Food, When She Returned, It'd Be Dead. So She Stopped Eating

Calida, a stray mother cat was prepared to give birth, but she couldn't find a warm place.

Running out of time, the brave mother cat sacrificed warmth for protection and gave birth to a litter of kittens on the cold, concrete floor of an outdoor laundry room.

Tragically, the winter was so bitterly cold that four of Calida's kittens died from exposure. All that remained was one tiny baby.

Calida knew that if she walked away to eat, her last little one would surely die. So she sacrificed her health to feed and shelter the defenseless kitten.

Thankfully, the homeowner discovered the little family and called the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association in British Columbia, Canada.

Calida was such a good mother to her kitten who was healthy and plump, but she was ravenous and half-starved when the rescue agency took them in.

She ate as much as she could and was grateful for the warm bed.

The staff named the little baby Sentrie. Soon he and his mama grew stronger and warmed up to the workers who saved their lives.

Staff at VOKRA tell The Dodo that they suspect Calida was someone's pet before she was abandoned to the snow. Although it was a tough beginning, these two are well on their way to happier days.

They're in foster care at the moment, but when they're strong enough, they'll be ready for adoption together.

Visit VOKRA by clicking here.